Warlord of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 85

and, with a malicious grin upon his
face, was pointing an accusing finger at me, when Salensus Oll's
words and the expression of his face cut him short.

A cunning look crept into his eyes, and I knew from the expression
of his face that his next words were not the ones he had intended
to speak.

"O Mightiest of Jeddaks," he said, "the man and the women do not
speak the truth. The fellow had come into the garden to assist
them to escape. I was beyond and overheard their conversation,
and when I entered, the woman screamed and the man sprang upon me
and would have killed me.

"What know you of this man? He is a stranger to you, and I dare
say that you will find him an enemy and a spy. Let him be put on
trial, Salensus Oll, rather than your friend and guest, Thurid,
Dator of the First Born."

Salensus Oll looked puzzled. He turned again and looked upon Dejah
Thoris, and then Thurid stepped quite close to him and whispered
something in his ear--what, I know not.

Presently the yellow ruler turned to one of his officers.

"See that this man be securely confined until we have time to go
deeper into this affair," he commanded, "and as bars alone seem
inadequate to restrain him, let chains be added."

Then he turned and left the garden, taking Dejah Thoris with him--his
hand upon her shoulder. Thurid and Matai Shang went also, and as
they reached the gateway the black turned and laughed again aloud
in my face.

What could be the meaning of his sudden change toward me? Could
he suspect my true identity? It must be that, and the thing that
had betrayed me was the trick and blow that had laid him low for
the second time.

As the guards dragged me away my heart was very sad and bitter
indeed, for now to the two relentless enemies that had hounded her
for so long another and a more powerful one had been added, for
I would have been but a fool had I not recognized the sudden love
for Dejah Thoris that had just been born in the terrible breast of
Salensus Oll, Jeddak of Jeddaks, ruler of Okar.


I did not languish long within the prison of Salensus Oll. During
the short time that I lay there, fettered with chains of gold, I
often wondered as to the fate of Thuvan Dihn, Jeddak of Ptarth.

My brave companion had followed me into the garden as

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