Warlord of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 61

Ptarth," replied Thuvan Dihn.

"Wait!" I exclaimed, "beyond the southern fringe of this great
forest lies the wreck of the thern flier which brought me that far
upon my way. If you will loan me men to fetch it, and artificers
to assist me, I can repair it in two days, Kulan Tith."

I had been more than half suspicious of the seeming sincerity of
the Kaolian jeddak's sudden apostasy, but the alacrity with which
he embraced my suggestion, and the despatch with which a force of
officers and men were placed at my disposal entirely removed the
last vestige of my doubts.

Two days later the flier rested upon the top of the watchtower,
ready to depart. Thuvan Dihn and Kulan Tith had offered me the
entire resources of two nations--millions of fighting men were at
my disposal; but my flier could hold but one other than myself and

As I stepped aboard her, Thuvan Dihn took his place beside me. I
cast a look of questioning surprise upon him. He turned to the
highest of his own officers who had accompanied him to Kaol.

"To you I entrust the return of my retinue to Ptarth," he said.
"There my son rules ably in my absence. The Prince of Helium shall
not go alone into the land of his enemies. I have spoken. Farewell!"


Straight toward the north, day and night, our destination compass
led us after the fleeing flier upon which it had remained set since
I first attuned it after leaving the thern fortress.

Early in the second night we noticed the air becoming perceptibly
colder, and from the distance we had come from the equator were
assured that we were rapidly approaching the north arctic region.

My knowledge of the efforts that had been made by countless
expeditions to explore that unknown land bade me to caution, for
never had flier returned who had passed to any considerable distance
beyond the mighty ice-barrier that fringes the southern hem of the
frigid zone.

What became of them none knew--only that they passed forever out
of the sight of man into that grim and mysterious country of the

The distance from the barrier to the pole was no more than a swift
flier should cover in a few hours, and so it was assumed that some
frightful catastrophe awaited those who reached the "forbidden land,"
as it had come to be called by the Martians of the outer world.

Thus it was that I went more slowly as we approached the barrier,
for it was my

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