Warlord of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 56

died before she ever
committed the sacrilege of returning to the outer world. But then
my father's love asserted itself, and I vowed that I would prefer
eternal damnation to further separation from her if she could be

"So I sent emissaries to Helium, and to the court of Xodar, Jeddak
of the First Born, and to him who now rules those of the thern
nation that have renounced their religion; and from each and all
I heard the same story of unspeakable cruelties and atrocities
perpetrated upon the poor defenseless victims of their religion by
the Holy Therns.

"Many there were who had seen or known my daughter, and from therns
who had been close to Matai Shang I learned of the indignities that
he personally heaped upon her; and I was glad when I came here to
find that Matai Shang was also your guest, for I should have sought
him out had it taken a lifetime.

"More, too, I heard, and that of the chivalrous kindness that John
Carter had accorded my daughter. They told me how he fought for
her and rescued her, and how he spurned escape from the savage
Warhoons of the south, sending her to safety upon his own thoat
and remaining upon foot to meet the green warriors.

"Can you wonder, Kulan Tith, that I am willing to jeopardize
my life, the peace of my nation, or even your friendship, which I
prize more than aught else, to champion the Prince of Helium?"

For a moment Kulan Tith was silent. I could see by the expression
of his face that he was sore perplexed. Then he spoke.

"Thuvan Dihn," he said, and his tone was friendly though sad,
"who am I to judge my fellow-man? In my eyes the Father of Therns
is still holy, and the religion which he teaches the only true
religion, but were I faced by the same problem that has vexed you
I doubt not that I should feel and act precisely as you have.

"In so far as the Prince of Helium is concerned I may act, but between
you and Matai Shang my only office can be one of conciliation. The
Prince of Helium shall be escorted in safety to the boundary of
my domain ere the sun has set again, where he shall be free to go
whither he will; but upon pain of death must he never again enter
the land of Kaol.

"If there be a quarrel between you and the Father of Therns, I
need not ask that the settlement of it

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