Warlord of Mars

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 105

and thus, taking an awful toll with each
few feet gained, I came to the spacious glass-walled watchtower of

Here my companions clustered ready to take my place, and for a
moment's respite I stepped to one side while they held the enemy

From the lofty perch a view could be had for miles in every direction.
Toward the south stretched the rugged, ice-clad waste to the edge
of the mighty barrier. Toward the east and west, and dimly toward
the north I descried other Okarian cities, while in the immediate
foreground, just beyond the walls of Kadabra, the grim guardian
shaft reared its somber head.

Then I cast my eyes down into the streets of Kadabra, from which
a sudden tumult had arisen, and there I saw a battle raging, and
beyond the city's walls I saw armed men marching in great columns
toward a near-by gate.

Eagerly I pressed forward against the glass wall of the observatory,
scarce daring to credit the testimony of my own eyes. But at
last I could doubt no longer, and with a shout of joy that rose
strangely in the midst of the cursing and groaning of the battling
men at the entrance to the chamber, I called to Tardos Mors.

As he joined me I pointed down into the streets of Kadabra and to
the advancing columns beyond, above which floated bravely in the
arctic air the flags and banners of Helium.

An instant later every red man in the lofty chamber had seen the
inspiring sight, and such a shout of thanksgiving arose as I warrant
never before echoed through that age-old pile of stone.

But still we must fight on, for though our troops had entered
Kadabra, the city was yet far from capitulation, nor had the palace
been even assaulted. Turn and turn about we held the top of the
runway while the others feasted their eyes upon the sight of our
valiant countrymen battling far beneath us.

Now they have rushed the palace gate! Great battering-rams are
dashed against its formidable surface. Now they are repulsed by
a deadly shower of javelins from the wall's top!

Once again they charge, but a sortie by a large force of Okarians
from an intersecting avenue crumples the head of the column, and
the men of Helium go down, fighting, beneath an overwhelming force.

The palace gate flies open and a force of the jeddak's own guard,
picked men from the flower of the Okarian army, sallies forth
to shatter the broken regiments. For a moment it looks as though
nothing could

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