The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 86

slow flush suffused his own. Now, indeed, was
he looking upon her through new eyes--the eyes of a man looking upon a

Akut had come up just as Meriem had speared Korak's antagonist. The
exultation of the old ape was keen. He strutted, stiff-legged and
truculent about the body of the fallen enemy. He growled and upcurved
his long, flexible lip. His hair bristled. He was paying no attention
to Meriem and Korak. Back in the uttermost recesses of his little
brain something was stirring--something which the sight and smell of
the great bull had aroused. The outward manifestation of the
germinating idea was one of bestial rage; but the inner sensations were
pleasurable in the extreme. The scent of the great bull and the sight
of his huge and hairy figure had wakened in the heart of Akut a longing
for the companionship of his own kind. So Korak was not alone
undergoing a change.

And Meriem? She was a woman. It is woman's divine right to love.
Always she had loved Korak. He was her big brother. Meriem alone
underwent no change. She was still happy in the companionship of her
Korak. She still loved him--as a sister loves an indulgent
brother--and she was very, very proud of him. In all the jungle there
was no other creature so strong, so handsome, or so brave.

Korak came close to her. There was a new light in his eyes as she
looked up into them; but she did not understand it. She did not
realize how close they were to maturity, nor aught of all the
difference in their lives the look in Korak's eyes might mean.

"Meriem," he whispered and his voice was husky as he laid a brown hand
upon her bare shoulder. "Meriem!" Suddenly he crushed her to him.
She looked up into his face, laughing, and then he bent and kissed her
full upon the mouth. Even then she did not understand. She did not
recall ever having been kissed before. It was very nice. Meriem liked
it. She thought it was Korak's way of showing how glad he was that the
great ape had not succeeded in running away with her. She was glad
too, so she put her arms about The Killer's neck and kissed him again
and again. Then, discovering the doll in his belt she transferred it
to her own possession, kissing it as she had

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