The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 66

stopped and
released Korak. The boy was furious.

"Why did you drag me away?" he cried. "I would have taught them! I
would have taught them all! Now they will think that I am afraid of

"What they think cannot harm you," said Akut. "You are alive. If I
had not brought you away you would be dead now and so would I. Do you
not know that even Numa slinks from the path of the great apes when
there are many of them and they are mad?"

Chapter 9

It was an unhappy Korak who wandered aimlessly through the jungle the
day following his inhospitable reception by the great apes. His heart
was heavy from disappointment. Unsatisfied vengeance smoldered in his
breast. He looked with hatred upon the denizens of his jungle world,
baring his fighting fangs and growling at those that came within
radius of his senses. The mark of his father's early life was strong
upon him and enhanced by months of association with beasts, from whom
the imitative faculty of youth had absorbed a countless number of
little mannerisms of the predatory creatures of the wild.

He bared his fangs now as naturally and upon as slight provocation as
Sheeta, the panther, bared his. He growled as ferociously as Akut
himself. When he came suddenly upon another beast his quick crouch
bore a strange resemblance to the arching of a cat's back. Korak, the
killer, was looking for trouble. In his heart of hearts he hoped to
meet the king ape who had driven him from the amphitheater. To this
end he insisted upon remaining in the vicinity; but the exigencies of
the perpetual search for food led them several miles further away
during day.

They were moving slowly down wind, and warily because the advantage was
with whatever beast might chance to be hunting ahead of them, where
their scent-spoor was being borne by the light breeze. Suddenly the
two halted simultaneously. Two heads were cocked upon one side. Like
creatures hewn from solid rock they stood immovable, listening. Not a
muscle quivered. For several seconds they remained thus, then Korak
advanced cautiously a few yards and leaped nimbly into a tree. Akut
followed close upon his heels. Neither had made a noise that would
have been appreciable to human ears at a dozen paces.

Stopping often to listen they crept forward through the trees. That
both were greatly puzzled was apparent from the questioning looks they
cast at

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