The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 46

now beneath the sun and wind. He had removed his pajama
jacket one day to bathe in a little stream that was too small to harbor
crocodiles, and while he and Akut had been disporting themselves in the
cool waters a monkey had dropped down from the over hanging trees,
snatched up the boy's single remaining article of civilized garmenture,
and scampered away with it.

For a time Jack was angry; but when he had been without the jacket for
a short while he began to realize that being half-clothed is infinitely
more uncomfortable than being entirely naked. Soon he did not miss his
clothing in the least, and from that he came to revel in the freedom of
his unhampered state. Occasionally a smile would cross his face as he
tried to imagine the surprise of his schoolmates could they but see him
now. They would envy him. Yes, how they would envy him. He felt
sorry for them at such times, and again as he thought of them amid
luxuries and comforts of their English homes, happy with their fathers
and mothers, a most uncomfortable lump would arise into the boy's
throat, and he would see a vision of his mother's face through a blur
of mist that came unbidden to his eyes. Then it was that he urged Akut
onward, for now they were headed westward toward the coast. The old
ape thought that they were searching for a tribe of his own kind, nor
did the boy disabuse his mind of this belief. It would do to tell Akut
of his real plans when they had come within sight of civilization.

One day as they were moving slowly along beside a river they came
unexpectedly upon a native village. Some children were playing beside
the water. The boy's heart leaped within his breast at sight of
them--for over a month he had seen no human being. What if these were
naked savages? What if their skins were black? Were they not
creatures fashioned in the mold of their Maker, as was he? They were
his brothers and sisters! He started toward them. With a low warning
Akut laid a hand upon his arm to hold him back. The boy shook himself
free, and with a shout of greeting ran forward toward the ebon players.

The sound of his voice brought every head erect. Wide eyes viewed him
for an instant, and then, with screams of terror, the children turned

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78 2 1 Squibbs place!" Squibbs' place!" 80 6 4 Squibbs gateway Squibbs' gateway 84 6 1 Squibb's summer Squibbs' summer 85 6 1 thet aint thet ain't 85 7 5 on em on 'em 85 8 1 An' thet aint An' thet ain't 85 10 1 But thet aint But thet ain't 85 10 3 of em of 'em 85 10 3 of em of 'em 86 2 2 there aint there ain't 87 5 others' mask other's mask 88 6 1 Squibbs woods Squibbs' woods .