The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 3

Russian that the ape represented a certain considerable
money value, and before they reached the sailors he had decided he
should be the one to profit by it.

When the men looked up and saw the oddly paired couple shuffling toward
them they were filled with amazement, and started on a run toward the
two. The ape showed no sign of fear. Instead he grasped each sailor
by the shoulder and peered long and earnestly into his face. Having
inspected them all he returned to Paulvitch's side, disappointment
written strongly upon his countenance and in his carriage.

The men were delighted with him. They gathered about, asking Paulvitch
many questions, and examining his companion. The Russian told them
that the ape was his--nothing further would he offer--but kept harping
continually upon the same theme, "The ape is mine. The ape is mine."
Tiring of Paulvitch, one of the men essayed a pleasantry. Circling
about behind the ape he prodded the anthropoid in the back with a pin.
Like a flash the beast wheeled upon its tormentor, and, in the briefest
instant of turning, the placid, friendly animal was metamorphosed to a
frenzied demon of rage. The broad grin that had sat upon the sailor's
face as he perpetrated his little joke froze to an expression of
terror. He attempted to dodge the long arms that reached for him; but,
failing, drew a long knife that hung at his belt. With a single wrench
the ape tore the weapon from the man's grasp and flung it to one side,
then his yellow fangs were buried in the sailor's shoulder.

With sticks and knives the man's companions fell upon the beast, while
Paulvitch danced around the cursing, snarling pack mumbling and
screaming pleas and threats. He saw his visions of wealth rapidly
dissipating before the weapons of the sailors.

The ape, however, proved no easy victim to the superior numbers that
seemed fated to overwhelm him. Rising from the sailor who had
precipitated the battle he shook his giant shoulders, freeing himself
from two of the men that were clinging to his back, and with mighty
blows of his open palms felled one after another of his attackers,
leaping hither and thither with the agility of a small monkey.

The fight had been witnessed by the captain and mate who were just
landing from the Marjorie W., and Paulvitch saw these two now running
forward with drawn revolvers while the two sailors who had brought them
ashore trailed at their heels. The ape stood looking

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