The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 222


"My little girl," she said, "in the midst of our happiness a great
sorrow awaits you--Mr. Baynes did not survive his wound."

The expression of sorrow in Meriem's eyes expressed only what she
sincerely felt; but it was not the sorrow of a woman bereft of her best

"I am sorry," she said, quite simply. "He would have done me a great
wrong; but he amply atoned before he died. Once I thought that I loved
him. At first it was only fascination for a type that was new to
me--then it was respect for a brave man who had the moral courage to
admit a sin and the physical courage to face death to right the wrong
he had committed. But it was not love. I did not know what love was
until I knew that Korak lived," and she turned toward The Killer with a

Lady Greystoke looked quickly up into the eyes of her son--the son who
one day would be Lord Greystoke. No thought of the difference in the
stations of the girl and her boy entered her mind. To her Meriem was
fit for a king. She only wanted to know that Jack loved the little
Arab waif. The look in his eyes answered the question in her heart,
and she threw her arms about them both and kissed them each a dozen

"Now," she cried, "I shall really have a daughter!"

It was several weary marches to the nearest mission; but they only
waited at the farm a few days for rest and preparation for the great
event before setting out upon the journey, and after the marriage
ceremony had been performed they kept on to the coast to take passage
for England. Those days were the most wonderful of Meriem's life. She
had not dreamed even vaguely of the marvels that civilization held in
store for her. The great ocean and the commodious steamship filled her
with awe. The noise, and bustle and confusion of the English railway
station frightened her.

"If there was a good-sized tree at hand," she confided to Korak, "I
know that I should run to the very top of it in terror of my life."

"And make faces and throw twigs at the engine?" he laughed back.

"Poor old Numa," sighed the girl. "What will he do without us?"

"Oh, there are others to tease him, my little Mangani," assured Korak.

The Greystoke town house quite took Meriem's breath away; but when
strangers were about none might

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