The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 218

be none and he moved
away in the direction of the little brook that Korak knew was some two
or three hundred yards away. The ape-man could scarce help smiling as
he thought how cleverly he had tricked his friend; but well as he knew
Tantor he little guessed the guile of his cunning brain. The animal
ambled off across the clearing and disappeared in the jungle beyond in
the direction of the stream; but scarce had his great bulk been
screened by the dense foliage than he wheeled about and came cautiously
back to the edge of the clearing where he could see without being seen.
Tantor, by nature, is suspicious. Now he still feared the return of
the she Tarmangani who had attempted to attack his Korak. He would
just stand there for a moment and assure himself that all was well
before he continued on toward the water. Ah! It was well that he did!
There she was now dropping from the branches of a tree across the
clearing and running swiftly toward the ape-man. Tantor waited. He
would let her reach Korak before he charged--that would ensure that she
had no chance of escape. His little eyes blazed savagely. His tail
was elevated stiffly. He could scarce restrain a desire to trumpet
forth his rage to the world. Meriem was almost at Korak's side when
Tantor saw the long knife in her hand, and then he broke forth from the
jungle, bellowing horribly, and charged down upon the frail girl.

Chapter 27

Korak screamed commands to his huge protector, in an effort to halt
him; but all to no avail. Meriem raced toward the bordering trees with
all the speed that lay in her swift, little feet; but Tantor, for all
his huge bulk, drove down upon her with the rapidity of an express

Korak lay where he could see the whole frightful tragedy. The cold
sweat broke out upon his body. His heart seemed to have stopped its
beating. Meriem might reach the trees before Tantor overtook her, but
even her agility would not carry her beyond the reach of that
relentless trunk--she would be dragged down and tossed. Korak could
picture the whole frightful scene. Then Tantor would follow her up,
goring the frail, little body with his relentless tusks, or trampling
it into an unrecognizable mass beneath his ponderous feet.

He was almost upon her now. Korak wanted to close his eyes, but could
not. His throat was

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