The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 216

"No!" he announced. "Bwana says I take you
home. So I take you home."

"You refuse to let me go?" asked the girl.

The black nodded, and fell to the rear where he might better watch her.
Meriem half smiled. Presently her horse passed beneath a low-hanging
branch, and the black headman found himself gazing at the girl's empty
saddle. He ran forward to the tree into which she had disappeared. He
could see nothing of her. He called; but there was no response, unless
it might have been a low, taunting laugh far to the right. He sent his
men into the jungle to search for her; but they came back empty handed.
After a while he resumed his march toward the farm, for Baynes, by this
time, was delirious with fever.

Meriem raced straight back toward the point she imagined Tantor would
make for--a point where she knew the elephants often gathered deep in
the forest due east of The Sheik's village. She moved silently and
swiftly. From her mind she had expunged all thoughts other than that
she must reach Korak and bring him back with her. It was her place to
do that. Then, too, had come the tantalizing fear that all might not
be well with him. She upbraided herself for not thinking of that
before--of letting her desire to get the wounded Morison back to the
bungalow blind her to the possibilities of Korak's need for her. She
had been traveling rapidly for several hours without rest when she
heard ahead of her the familiar cry of a great ape calling to his kind.

She did not reply, only increased her speed until she almost flew. Now
there came to her sensitive nostrils the scent of Tantor and she knew
that she was on the right trail and close to him she sought. She did
not call out because she wished to surprise him, and presently she did,
breaking into sight of them as the great elephant shuffled ahead
balancing the man and the heavy stake upon his head, holding them there
with his upcurled trunk.

"Korak!" cried Meriem from the foliage above him.

Instantly the bull swung about, lowered his burden to the ground and,
trumpeting savagely, prepared to defend his comrade. The ape-man,
recognizing the girl's voice, felt a sudden lump in his throat.

"Meriem!" he called back to her.

Happily the girl clambered to the ground and ran forward to release
Korak; but Tantor lowered his head ominously and trumpeted a

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