The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 20

from responsibility, placing
that upon the ape, who would thus also be punished for his refusal
longer to support the Russian.

Everything played with fiendish unanimity into Paulvitch's hands. As
chance would have it, Tarzan's son overheard his father relating to the
boy's mother the steps he was taking to return Akut safely to his
jungle home, and having overheard he begged them to bring the ape home
that he might have him for a play-fellow. Tarzan would not have been
averse to this plan; but Lady Greystoke was horrified at the very
thought of it. Jack pleaded with his mother; but all unavailingly.
She was obdurate, and at last the lad appeared to acquiesce in his
mother's decision that the ape must be returned to Africa and the boy
to school, from which he had been absent on vacation.

He did not attempt to visit Paulvitch's room again that day, but
instead busied himself in other ways. He had always been well supplied
with money, so that when necessity demanded he had no difficulty in
collecting several hundred pounds. Some of this money he invested in
various strange purchases which he managed to smuggle into the house,
undetected, when he returned late in the afternoon.

The next morning, after giving his father time to precede him and
conclude his business with Paulvitch, the lad hastened to the Russian's
room. Knowing nothing of the man's true character the boy dared not
take him fully into his confidence for fear that the old fellow would
not only refuse to aid him, but would report the whole affair to his
father. Instead, he simply asked permission to take Ajax to Dover. He
explained that it would relieve the old man of a tiresome journey, as
well as placing a number of pounds in his pocket, for the lad purposed
paying the Russian well.

"You see," he went on, "there will be no danger of detection since I am
supposed to be leaving on an afternoon train for school. Instead I
will come here after they have left me on board the train. Then I can
take Ajax to Dover, you see, and arrive at school only a day late. No
one will be the wiser, no harm will be done, and I shall have had an
extra day with Ajax before I lose him forever."

The plan fitted perfectly with that which Paulvitch had in mind. Had
he known what further the boy contemplated he would doubtless have
entirely abandoned his own scheme of revenge and

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