The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 198

saw them running
toward the gate. And then from around the corner of his tent loomed a
huge bulk, and Tantor, the great tusker, towered above him. Malbihn's
boy, feeling neither affection nor loyalty for his master, broke and
ran at the first glimpse of the beast, and Malbihn was left alone and

The elephant stopped a couple of paces from the wounded man's hammock.
Malbihn cowered, moaning. He was too weak to escape. He could only
lie there with staring eyes gazing in horror into the blood rimmed,
angry little orbs fixed upon him, and await his death.

Then, to his astonishment, a man slid to the ground from the elephant's
back. Almost at once Malbihn recognized the strange figure as that of
the creature who consorted with apes and baboons--the white warrior of
the jungle who had freed the king baboon and led the whole angry horde
of hairy devils upon him and Jenssen. Malbihn cowered still lower.

"Where is the girl?" demanded Korak, in English.

"What girl?" asked Malbihn. "There is no girl here--only the women of
my boys. Is it one of them you want?"

"The white girl," replied Korak. "Do not lie to me--you lured her from
her friends. You have her. Where is she?"

"It was not I," cried Malbihn. "It was an Englishman who hired me to
steal her. He wished to take her to London with him. She was willing
to go. His name is Baynes. Go to him, if you want to know where the
girl is."

"I have just come from him," said Korak. "He sent me to you. The girl
is not with him. Now stop your lying and tell me the truth. Where is
she?" Korak took a threatening step toward the Swede.

Malbihn shrank from the anger in the other's face.

"I will tell you," he cried. "Do not harm me and I will tell you all
that I know. I had the girl here; but it was Baynes who persuaded her
to leave her friends--he had promised to marry her. He does not know
who she is; but I do, and I know that there is a great reward for
whoever takes her back to her people. It was the only reward I wanted.
But she escaped and crossed the river in one of my canoes. I followed
her, but The Sheik was there, God knows how, and he captured her and
attacked me and

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