The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 179

the canoe.

Up stream, beyond the bend, Malbihn ordered his canoes in to shore. He
landed with his head man and crossed the little point slowly in search
of a spot where he might watch the canoe he had left at the landing
place. He was smiling in anticipation of the almost certain success of
his stratagem--sooner or later the girl would come back and attempt to
cross the river in one of their canoes. It might be that the idea
would not occur to her for some time. They might have to wait a day,
or two days; but that she would come if she lived or was not captured
by the men he had scouting the jungle for her Malbihn was sure. That
she would come so soon, however, he had not guessed, and so when he
topped the point and came again within sight of the river he saw that
which drew an angry oath from his lips--his quarry already was half way
across the river.

Turning, he ran rapidly back to his boats, the head man at his heels.
Throwing themselves in, Malbihn urged his paddlers to their most
powerful efforts. The canoes shot out into the stream and down with
the current toward the fleeing quarry. She had almost completed the
crossing when they came in sight of her. At the same instant she saw
them, and redoubled her efforts to reach the opposite shore before they
should overtake her. Two minutes' start of them was all Meriem cared
for. Once in the trees she knew that she could outdistance and elude
them. Her hopes were high--they could not overtake her now--she had
had too good a start of them.

Malbihn, urging his men onward with a stream of hideous oaths and blows
from his fists, realized that the girl was again slipping from his
clutches. The leading canoe, in the bow of which he stood, was yet a
hundred yards behind the fleeing Meriem when she ran the point of her
craft beneath the overhanging trees on the shore of safety.

Malbihn screamed to her to halt. He seemed to have gone mad with rage
at the realization that he could not overtake her, and then he threw
his rifle to his shoulder, aimed carefully at the slim figure
scrambling into the trees, and fired.

Malbihn was an excellent shot. His misses at so short a distance were
practically non-existent, nor would he have missed this time but for an
accident occurring at the very

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