The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 159

the bushes a naked black
runner squatted, peering through the foliage. He saw her take a step
closer to the letter. She had seen it. He rose quietly and following
the shadows of the bushes that ran down to the corral was soon gone
from sight.

Meriem's trained ears heard his every move. She made no attempt to
seek closer knowledge of his identity. Already she had guessed that he
was a messenger from the Hon. Morison. She stooped and picked up the
envelope. Tearing it open she easily read the contents by the moon's
brilliant light. It was, as she had guessed, from Baynes.

"I cannot go without seeing you again," it read. "Come to the clearing
early tomorrow morning and say good-bye to me. Come alone."

There was a little more--words that made her heart beat faster and a
happy flush mount her cheek.

Chapter 20

It was still dark when the Hon. Morison Baynes set forth for the
trysting place. He insisted upon having a guide, saying that he was
not sure that he could find his way back to the little clearing. As a
matter of fact the thought of that lonely ride through the darkness
before the sun rose had been too much for his courage, and he craved
company. A black, therefore, preceded him on foot. Behind and above
him came Korak, whom the noise in the camp had awakened.

It was nine o'clock before Baynes drew rein in the clearing. Meriem
had not yet arrived. The black lay down to rest. Baynes lolled in his
saddle. Korak stretched himself comfortably upon a lofty limb, where
he could watch those beneath him without being seen.

An hour passed. Baynes gave evidence of nervousness. Korak had
already guessed that the young Englishman had come here to meet
another, nor was he at all in doubt as to the identity of that other.
The Killer was perfectly satisfied that he was soon again to see the
nimble she who had so forcefully reminded him of Meriem.

Presently the sound of an approaching horse came to Korak's ears. She
was coming! She had almost reached the clearing before Baynes became
aware of her presence, and then as he looked up, the foliage parted to
the head and shoulders of her mount and Meriem rode into view. Baynes
spurred to meet her. Korak looked searchingly down upon her, mentally
anathematizing the broad-brimmed hat that hid her features from his

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