The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 150

understand. It
will be all right. We will go to London. I cannot wait. If you love
me you will come. What of the apes you lived with? Did they bother
about marriage? They love as we love. Had you stayed among them you
would have mated as they mate. It is the law of nature--no man-made
law can abrogate the laws of God. What difference does it make if we
love one another? What do we care for anyone in the world besides
ourselves? I would give my life for you--will you give nothing for me?"

"You love me?" she said. "You will marry me when we have reached

"I swear it," he cried.

"I will go with you," she whispered, "though I do not understand why it
is necessary." She leaned toward him and he took her in his arms and
bent to press his lips to hers.

At the same instant the head of a huge tusker poked through the trees
that fringed the clearing. The Hon. Morison and Meriem, with eyes and
ears for one another alone, did not see or hear; but Numa did. The man
upon Tantor's broad head saw the girl in the man's arms. It was Korak;
but in the trim figure of the neatly garbed girl he did not recognize
his Meriem. He only saw a Tarmangani with his she. And then Numa

With a frightful roar, fearful lest Tantor had come to frighten away
his prey, the great beast leaped from his hiding place. The earth
trembled to his mighty voice. The ponies stood for an instant
transfixed with terror. The Hon. Morison Baynes went white and cold.
The lion was charging toward them full in the brilliant light of the
magnificent moon. The muscles of the Hon. Morison no longer obeyed
his will--they flexed to the urge of a greater power--the power of
Nature's first law. They drove his spurred heels deep into his pony's
flanks, they bore the rein against the brute's neck that wheeled him
with an impetuous drive toward the plain and safety.

The girl's pony, squealing in terror, reared and plunged upon the heels
of his mate. The lion was close upon him. Only the girl was cool--the
girl and the half-naked savage who bestrode the neck of his mighty
mount and grinned at the exciting spectacle chance had staked for his

To Korak here were but two strange Tarmangani pursued

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