The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 12

in which Lord and Lady Greystoke had been sitting when he left them was
directly beneath that in which he lay upon the floor. He knew that
some time had elapsed since he had come up stairs and that they might
be gone by this time, for it seemed to him that he had struggled about
the bed, in his efforts to free himself, for an eternity. But the best
that he could do was to attempt to attract attention from below, and
so, after many failures, he managed to work himself into a position in
which he could tap the toe of his boot against the floor. This he
proceeded to do at short intervals, until, after what seemed a very
long time, he was rewarded by hearing footsteps ascending the stairs,
and presently a knock upon the door. Mr. Moore tapped vigorously with
his toe--he could not reply in any other way. The knock was repeated
after a moment's silence. Again Mr. Moore tapped. Would they never
open the door! Laboriously he rolled in the direction of succor. If
he could get his back against the door he could then tap upon its base,
when surely he must be heard. The knocking was repeated a little
louder, and finally a voice called: "Mr. Jack!"

It was one of the house men--Mr. Moore recognized the fellow's voice.
He came near to bursting a blood vessel in an endeavor to scream "come
in" through the stifling gag. After a moment the man knocked again,
quite loudly and again called the boy's name. Receiving no reply he
turned the knob, and at the same instant a sudden recollection filled
the tutor anew with numbing terror--he had, himself, locked the door
behind him when he had entered the room.

He heard the servant try the door several times and then depart. Upon
which Mr. Moore swooned.

In the meantime Jack was enjoying to the full the stolen pleasures of
the music hall. He had reached the temple of mirth just as Ajax's act
was commencing, and having purchased a box seat was now leaning
breathlessly over the rail watching every move of the great ape, his
eyes wide in wonder. The trainer was not slow to note the boy's
handsome, eager face, and as one of Ajax's biggest hits consisted in an
entry to one or more boxes during his performance, ostensibly in search
of a long-lost relative, as the trainer explained, the man realized the
effectiveness of sending him

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