The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 108

had been in Swedish; but what Jenssen had
just said to her in Arabic she understood and from it grasped an
excellent idea of what had passed between the two. The expressions
upon their faces, their gestures, and Jenssen's final tapping of his
revolver before Malbihn had left the tent had all been eloquent of the
seriousness of their altercation. Now, toward Jenssen she looked for
friendship, and with the innocence of youth she threw herself upon his
mercy, begging him to set her free, that she might return to Korak and
her jungle life; but she was doomed to another disappointment, for the
man only laughed at her roughly and told her that if she tried to
escape she would be punished by the very thing that he had just saved
her from.

All that night she lay listening for a signal from Korak. All about
the jungle life moved through the darkness. To her sensitive ears came
sounds that the others in the camp could not hear--sounds that she
interpreted as we might interpret the speech of a friend, but not once
came a single note that reflected the presence of Korak. But she knew
that he would come. Nothing short of death itself could prevent her
Korak from returning for her. What delayed him though?

When morning came again and the night had brought no succoring Korak,
Meriem's faith and loyalty were still unshaken though misgivings began
to assail her as to the safety of her friend. It seemed unbelievable
that serious mishap could have overtaken her wonderful Korak who daily
passed unscathed through all the terrors of the jungle. Yet morning
came, the morning meal was eaten, the camp broken and the disreputable
safari of the Swedes was on the move northward with still no sign of
the rescue the girl momentarily expected.

All that day they marched, and the next and the next, nor did Korak
even so much as show himself to the patient little waiter moving,
silently and stately, beside her hard captors.

Malbihn remained scowling and angry. He replied to Jenssen's friendly
advances in curt monosyllables. To Meriem he did not speak, but on
several occasions she discovered him glaring at her from beneath half
closed lids--greedily. The look sent a shudder through her. She
hugged Geeka closer to her breast and doubly regretted the knife that
they had taken from her when she was captured by Kovudoo.

It was on the fourth day that Meriem began definitely to give up hope.
Something had happened to

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