The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 102

she lay waiting for him she dreamed of him and of all that he
meant to her. She compared him with The Sheik, her father, and at
thought of the stern, grizzled, old Arab she shuddered. Even the
savage blacks had been less harsh to her than he. Not understanding
their tongue she could not guess what purpose they had in keeping her a
prisoner. She knew that man ate man, and she had expected to be eaten;
but she had been with them for some time now and no harm had befallen
her. She did not know that a runner had been dispatched to the distant
village of The Sheik to barter with him for a ransom. She did not
know, nor did Kovudoo, that the runner had never reached his
destination--that he had fallen in with the safari of Jenssen and
Malbihn and with the talkativeness of a native to other natives had
unfolded his whole mission to the black servants of the two Swedes.
These had not been long in retailing the matter to their masters, and
the result was that when the runner left their camp to continue his
journey he had scarce passed from sight before there came the report of
a rifle and he rolled lifeless into the underbrush with a bullet in his

A few moments later Malbihn strolled back into the encampment, where he
went to some pains to let it be known that he had had a shot at a fine
buck and missed. The Swedes knew that their men hated them, and that
an overt act against Kovudoo would quickly be carried to the chief at
the first opportunity. Nor were they sufficiently strong in either
guns or loyal followers to risk antagonizing the wily old chief.

Following this episode came the encounter with the baboons and the
strange, white savage who had allied himself with the beasts against
the humans. Only by dint of masterful maneuvering and the expenditure
of much power had the Swedes been able to repulse the infuriated apes,
and even for hours afterward their camp was constantly besieged by
hundreds of snarling, screaming devils.

The Swedes, rifles in hand, repelled numerous savage charges which
lacked only efficient leadership to have rendered them as effective in
results as they were terrifying in appearance. Time and time again the
two men thought they saw the smooth-skinned body of the wild ape-man
moving among the baboons in the forest, and the belief that he might
head a charge upon them proved most

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Text Comparison with A Princess of Mars

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I appear today as I did forty years and more ago, and yet I feel that I cannot go on living forever; that some day I shall die the real death from which there is no resurrection.
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