The Son of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 10

be in the wrong direction at times."

But Lady Greystoke only shook her head as she had a hundred other times
when the subject had claimed her attention in the past.

"No, John," she insisted, "I shall never give my consent to the
implanting in Jack's mind of any suggestion of the savage life which we
both wish to preserve him from."

It was evening before the subject was again referred to and then it was
raised by Jack himself. He had been sitting, curled in a large chair,
reading, when he suddenly looked up and addressed his father.

"Why," he asked, coming directly to the point, "can't I go and see

"Your mother does not approve," replied his father.

"Do you?"

"That is not the question," evaded Lord Greystoke. "It is enough that
your mother objects."

"I am going to see him," announced the boy, after a few moments of
thoughtful silence. "I am not different from Willie Grimsby, or any
other of the fellows who have been to see him. It did not harm them
and it will not harm me. I could go without telling you; but I would
not do that. So I tell you now, beforehand, that I am going to see

There was nothing disrespectful or defiant in the boy's tone or manner.
His was merely a dispassionate statement of facts. His father could
scarce repress either a smile or a show of the admiration he felt for
the manly course his son had pursued.

"I admire your candor, Jack," he said. "Permit me to be candid, as
well. If you go to see Ajax without permission, I shall punish you. I
have never inflicted corporal punishment upon you, but I warn you that
should you disobey your mother's wishes in this instance, I shall."

"Yes, sir," replied the boy; and then: "I shall tell you, sir, when I
have been to see Ajax."

Mr. Moore's room was next to that of his youthful charge, and it was
the tutor's custom to have a look into the boy's each evening as the
former was about to retire. This evening he was particularly careful
not to neglect his duty, for he had just come from a conference with
the boy's father and mother in which it had been impressed upon him
that he must exercise the greatest care to prevent Jack visiting the
music hall where Ajax was being shown. So, when he opened the boy's
door at about half after nine, he was greatly excited, though not

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