The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 99

said. "He seemed a most estimable gentleman, however.
Can it be that he is indisposed, and has remained in his stateroom? It
would not be strange."

"No," replied the girl, "it would not be strange, of course; but for
some inexplicable reason I have one of those foolish feminine
presentiments that all is not right with Mr. Caldwell. It is the
strangest feeling--it is as though I knew that he was not on board the

Monsieur Thuran laughed pleasantly. "Mercy, my dear Miss Strong," he
said; "where in the world could he be then? We have not been within
sight of land for days."

"Of course, it is ridiculous of me," she admitted. And then: "But I am
not going to worry about it any longer; I am going to find out where
Mr. Caldwell is," and she motioned to a passing steward.

"That may be more difficult than you imagine, my dear girl," thought
Monsieur Thuran, but aloud he said: "By all means."

"Find Mr. Caldwell, please," she said to the steward, "and tell him
that his friends are much worried by his continued absence."

"You are very fond of Mr. Caldwell?" suggested Monsieur Thuran.

"I think he is splendid," replied the girl. "And mamma is perfectly
infatuated with him. He is the sort of man with whom one has a feeling
of perfect security--no one could help but have confidence in Mr.

A moment later the steward returned to say that Mr. Caldwell was not in
his stateroom. "I cannot find him, Miss Strong, and"--he hesitated--"I
have learned that his berth was not occupied last night. I think that
I had better report the matter to the captain."

"Most assuredly," exclaimed Miss Strong. "I shall go with you to the
captain myself. It is terrible! I know that something awful has
happened. My presentiments were not false, after all."

It was a very frightened young woman and an excited steward who
presented themselves before the captain a few moments later. He
listened to their stories in silence--a look of concern marking his
expression as the steward assured him that he had sought for the
missing passenger in every part of the ship that a passenger might be
expected to frequent.

"And are you sure, Miss Strong, that you saw a body fall overboard last
night?" he asked.

"There is not the slightest doubt about that," she answered. "I cannot
say that it was a human body--there was no outcry. It might have been
only what I thought it

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