The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 97

find the
means to search Monsieur Caldwell's stateroom--eh?"

Two hours later fate was kind to them, for Paulvitch, who was ever on
the watch, saw Tarzan leave his room without locking the door. Five
minutes later Rokoff was stationed where he could give the alarm in
case Tarzan returned, and Paulvitch was deftly searching the contents
of the ape-man's luggage.

He was about to give up in despair when he saw a coat which Tarzan had
just removed. A moment later he grasped an official envelope in his
hand. A quick glance at its contents brought a broad smile to the
Russian's face.

When he left the stateroom Tarzan himself could not have told that an
article in it had been touched since he left it--Paulvitch was a past
master in his chosen field. When he handed the packet to Rokoff in the
seclusion of their stateroom the larger man rang for a steward, and
ordered a pint of champagne.

"We must celebrate, my dear Alexis," he said.

"It was luck, Nikolas," explained Paulvitch. "It is evident that he
carries these papers always upon his person--just by chance he
neglected to transfer them when he changed coats a few minutes since.
But there will be the deuce to pay when he discovers his loss. I am
afraid that he will immediately connect you with it. Now that he knows
that you are on board he will suspect you at once."

"It will make no difference whom he suspects--after to-night," said
Rokoff, with a nasty grin.

After Miss Strong had gone below that night Tarzan stood leaning over
the rail looking far out to sea. Every night he had done this since he
had come on board--sometimes he stood thus for an hour. And the eyes
that had been watching his every movement since he had boarded the ship
at Algiers knew that this was his habit.

Even as he stood there this night those eyes were on him. Presently
the last straggler had left the deck. It was a clear night, but there
was no moon--objects on deck were barely discernible.

From the shadows of the cabin two figures crept stealthily upon the
ape-man from behind. The lapping of the waves against the ship's
sides, the whirring of the propeller, the throbbing of the engines,
drowned the almost soundless approach of the two.

They were quite close to him now, and crouching low, like tacklers on a
gridiron. One of them raised his hand and lowered it, as though
counting off seconds--one--two--three! As one man

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