The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 76

him, I care not; but the prisoner is a brave
man, and while he is in our hands he shall be treated with the respect
that be due one who hunts THE LORD WITH THE LARGE HEAD alone and by
night--and slays him."

Tarzan had heard of the respect in which Arabs held a lion-killer, and
he was not sorry that chance had played into his hands thus favorably
to relieve him of the petty tortures of the tribe. Shortly after this
he was taken to a goat-skin tent upon the upper side of the DOUAR.
There he was fed, and then, securely bound, was left lying on a piece
of native carpet, alone in the tent.

He could see a guard sitting before the door of his frail prison, but
when he attempted to force the stout bonds that held him he realized
that any extra precaution on the part of his captors was quite
unnecessary; not even his giant muscles could part those numerous

Just before dusk several men approached the tent where he lay, and
entered it. All were in Arab dress, but presently one of the number
advanced to Tarzan's side, and as he let the folds of cloth that had
hidden the lower half of his face fall away the ape-man saw the
malevolent features of Nikolas Rokoff. There was a nasty smile on the
bearded lips. "Ah, Monsieur Tarzan," he said, "this is indeed a
pleasure. But why do you not rise and greet your guest?" Then, with
an ugly oath, "Get up, you dog!" and, drawing back his booted foot, he
kicked Tarzan heavily in the side. "And here is another, and another,
and another," he continued, as he kicked Tarzan about the face and
side. "One for each of the injuries you have done me."

The ape-man made no reply--he did not even deign to look upon the
Russian again after the first glance of recognition. Finally the
sheik, who had been standing a mute and frowning witness of the
cowardly attack, intervened.

"Stop!" he commanded. "Kill him if you will, but I will see no brave
man subjected to such indignities in my presence. I have half a mind
to turn him loose, that I may see how long you would kick him then."

This threat put a sudden end to Rokoff's brutality, for he had no
craving to see Tarzan loosed from his bonds while he was within reach
of those powerful hands.

"Very well," he replied to the Arab; "I shall kill him

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