The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 67

Olga's heart I am afraid that there would
have been no hope for either of you.

She asked me to tell you that Nikolas had left France. She paid him
twenty thousand francs to go away, and stay. She is congratulating
herself that she got rid of him before he tried to carry out a threat
he recently made her that he should kill you at the first opportunity.
She said that she should hate to think that her brother's blood was on
your hands, for she is very fond of you, and made no bones in saying so
before the count. It never for a moment seemed to occur to her that
there might be any possibility of any other outcome of a meeting
between you and Nikolas. The count quite agreed with her in that. He
added that it would take a regiment of Rokoffs to kill you. He has a
most healthy respect for your prowess.

Have been ordered back to my ship. She sails from Havre in two days
under sealed orders. If you will address me in her care, the letters
will find me eventually. I shall write you as soon as another
opportunity presents.

Your sincere friend,

"I fear," mused Tarzan, half aloud, "that Olga has thrown away her
twenty thousand francs."

He read over that part of D'Arnot's letter several times in which he
had quoted from his conversation with Jane Porter. Tarzan derived a
rather pathetic happiness from it, but it was better than no happiness
at all.

The following three weeks were quite uneventful. On several occasions
Tarzan saw the mysterious Arab, and once again he had been exchanging
words with Lieutenant Gernois; but no amount of espionage or shadowing
by Tarzan revealed the Arab's lodgings, the location of which Tarzan
was anxious to ascertain.

Gernois, never cordial, had kept more than ever aloof from Tarzan since
the episode in the dining-room of the hotel at Aumale. His attitude on
the few occasions that they

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