The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 64

had added her entreaties to those of her father; but, though he could
not explain it to them, Tarzan's duties loomed particularly large after
the happenings of the past few days, so that he could not think of
leaving his post for an instant. But he promised to come later if it
lay within his power to do so, and they had to content themselves with
that assurance.

During these two days Tarzan had spent practically all his time with
Kadour ben Saden and his daughter. He was keenly interested in this
race of stern and dignified warriors, and embraced the opportunity
which their friendship offered to learn what he could of their lives
and customs. He even commenced to acquire the rudiments of their
language under the pleasant tutorage of the brown-eyed girl. It was
with real regret that he saw them depart, and he sat his horse at the
opening to the pass, as far as which he had accompanied them, gazing
after the little party as long as he could catch a glimpse of them.

Here were people after his own heart! Their wild, rough lives, filled
with danger and hardship, appealed to this half-savage man as nothing
had appealed to him in the midst of the effeminate civilization of the
great cities he had visited. Here was a life that excelled even that
of the jungle, for here he might have the society of men--real men whom
he could honor and respect, and yet be near to the wild nature that he
loved. In his head revolved an idea that when he had completed his
mission he would resign and return to live for the remainder of his
life with the tribe of Kadour ben Saden.

Then he turned his horse's head and rode slowly back to Bou Saada.

The front of the Hotel du Petit Sahara, where Tarzan stopped in Bou
Saada, is taken up with the bar, two dining-rooms, and the kitchens.
Both of the dining-rooms open directly off the bar, and one of them is
reserved for the use of the officers of the garrison. As you stand in
the barroom you may look into either of the dining-rooms if you wish.

It was to the bar that Tarzan repaired after speeding Kadour ben Saden
and his party on their way. It was yet early in the morning, for
Kadour ben Saden had elected to ride far that day, so that it happened
that when Tarzan returned there were guests still at breakfast.

As his casual glance wandered

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