The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 61

should not ride in peace."

"If you stop we shall stop," said Kadour ben Saden. "Until you are
safe with your friends, or the enemy has left your trail, we shall
remain with you. There is nothing more to say."

Tarzan nodded his head. He was a man of few words, and possibly it was
for this reason as much as any that Kadour ben Saden had taken to him,
for if there be one thing that an Arab despises it is a talkative man.

All the balance of the day Abdul caught glimpses of the horsemen in
their rear. They remained always at about the same distance. During
the occasional halts for rest, and at the longer halt at noon, they
approached no closer.

"They are waiting for darkness," said Kadour ben Saden.

And darkness came before they reached Bou Saada. The last glimpse that
Abdul had of the grim, white-robed figures that trailed them, just
before dusk made it impossible to distinguish them, had made it
apparent that they were rapidly closing up the distance that intervened
between them and their intended quarry. He whispered this fact to
Tarzan, for he did not wish to alarm the girl. The ape-man drew back
beside him.

"You will ride ahead with the others, Abdul," said Tarzan. "This is my
quarrel. I shall wait at the next convenient spot, and interview these

"Then Abdul shall wait at thy side," replied the young Arab, nor would
any threats or commands move him from his decision.

"Very well, then," replied Tarzan. "Here is as good a place as we
could wish. Here are rocks at the top of this hillock. We shall
remain hidden here and give an account of ourselves to these gentlemen
when they appear."

They drew in their horses and dismounted. The others riding ahead were
already out of sight in the darkness. Beyond them shone the lights of
Bou Saada. Tarzan removed his rifle from its boot and loosened his
revolver in its holster. He ordered Abdul to withdraw behind the rocks
with the horses, so that they should be shielded from the enemies'
bullets should they fire. The young Arab pretended to do as he was
bid, but when he had fastened the two animals securely to a low shrub
he crept back to lie on his belly a few paces behind Tarzan.

The ape-man stood erect in the middle of the road, waiting. Nor did he
have long to wait. The sound of

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