The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 53

he thought nothing of the matter, but presently he noticed
from the corner of his eye one of the men nod in their direction, and
the girl turn and shoot a furtive glance at Tarzan. Then the Arabs
melted through the doorway into the darkness of the court.

When it came again the girl's turn to dance she hovered close to
Tarzan, and for the ape-man alone were her sweetest smiles. Many an
ugly scowl was cast upon the tall European by swarthy, dark-eyed sons
of the desert, but neither smiles nor scowls produced any outwardly
visible effect upon him. Again the girl cast her handkerchief upon his
shoulder, and again was she rewarded with a franc piece. As she was
sticking it upon her forehead, after the custom of her kind, she bent
low toward Tarzan, whispering a quick word in his ear.

"There are two without in the court," she said quickly, in broken
French, "who would harm m'sieur. At first I promised to lure you to
them, but you have been kind, and I cannot do it. Go quickly, before
they find that I have failed them. I think that they are very bad men."

Tarzan thanked the girl, assuring her that he would be careful, and,
having finished her dance, she crossed to the little doorway and went
out into the court. But Tarzan did not leave the cafe as she had urged.

For another half hour nothing unusual occurred, then a surly-looking
Arab entered the cafe from the street. He stood near Tarzan, where he
deliberately made insulting remarks about the European, but as they
were in his native tongue Tarzan was entirely innocent of their purport
until Abdul took it upon himself to enlighten him.

"This fellow is looking for trouble," warned Abdul. "He is not alone.
In fact, in case of a disturbance, nearly every man here would be
against you. It would be better to leave quietly, master."

"Ask the fellow what he wants," commanded Tarzan.

"He says that 'the dog of a Christian' insulted the Ouled-Nail, who
belongs to him. He means trouble, m'sieur."

"Tell him that I did not insult his or any other Ouled-Nail, that I
wish him to go away and leave me alone. That I have no quarrel with
him, nor has he any with me."

"He says," replied Abdul, after delivering this message to the Arab,
"that besides being a dog yourself that you are the son of one, and
that your grandmother was a hyena. Incidentally

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