The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 40

found should the occasion demand. It is
only the same precaution that we take with every known criminal. Why
does monsieur ask?"

"They are known to me," replied Tarzan. "I wish to see Monsieur Rokoff
on a little matter of business. If you can direct me to his lodgings I
shall appreciate it."

A few minutes later he bade the policeman adieu, and, with a slip of
paper in his pocket bearing a certain address in a semirespectable
quarter, he walked briskly toward the nearest taxi stand.

Rokoff and Paulvitch had returned to their rooms, and were sitting
talking over the probable outcome of the evening's events. They had
telephoned to the offices of two of the morning papers from which they
momentarily expected representatives to hear the first report of the
scandal that was to stir social Paris on the morrow.

A heavy step sounded on the stairway. "Ah, but these newspaper men are
prompt," exclaimed Rokoff, and as a knock fell upon the door of their
room: "Enter, monsieur."

The smile of welcome froze upon the Russian's face as he looked into
the hard, gray eyes of his visitor.

"Name of a name!" he shouted, springing to his feet, "What brings you

"Sit down!" said Tarzan, so low that the men could barely catch the
words, but in a tone that brought Rokoff to his chair, and kept
Paulvitch in his.

"You know what has brought me here," he continued, in the same low
tone. "It should be to kill you, but because you are Olga de Coude's
brother I shall not do that--now.

"I shall give you a chance for your lives. Paulvitch does not count
much--he is merely a stupid, foolish little tool, and so I shall not
kill him so long as I permit you to live. Before I leave you two alive
in this room you will have done two things. The first will be to write
a full confession of your connection with tonight's plot--and sign it.

"The second will be to promise me upon pain of death that you will
permit no word of this affair to get into the newspapers. If you do
not do both, neither of you will be alive when I pass next through that
doorway. Do you understand?" And, without waiting for a reply: "Make
haste; there is ink before you, and paper and a pen."

Rokoff assumed a truculent air, attempting by bravado to show how
little he feared Tarzan's threats. An instant later he felt the
ape-man's steel

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