The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 35

following evening by
the German minister. De Coude's name was among those of the invited
guests. If he attended this meant that he would be absent from his
home until after midnight.

On the night of the banquet Paulvitch waited at the curb before the
residence of the German minister, where he could scan the face of each
guest that arrived. He had not long to wait before De Coude descended
from his car and passed him. That was enough. Paulvitch hastened back
to his quarters, where Rokoff awaited him. There they waited until
after eleven, then Paulvitch took down the receiver of their telephone.
He called a number.

"The apartments of Lieutenant D'Arnot?" he asked, when he had obtained
his connection.

"A message for Monsieur Tarzan, if he will be so kind as to step to the

For a minute there was silence.

"Monsieur Tarzan?"

"Ah, yes, monsieur, this is Francois--in the service of the Countess de
Coude. Possibly monsieur does poor Francois the honor to recall

"Yes, monsieur. I have a message, an urgent message from the countess.
She asks that you hasten to her at once--she is in trouble, monsieur.

"No, monsieur, poor Francois does not know. Shall I tell madame that
monsieur will be here shortly?

"Thank you, monsieur. The good God will bless you."

Paulvitch hung up the receiver and turned to grin at Rokoff.

"It will take him thirty minutes to get there. If you reach the German
minister's in fifteen, De Coude should arrive at his home in about
forty-five minutes. It all depends upon whether the fool will remain
fifteen minutes after he finds that a trick has been played upon him;
but unless I am mistaken Olga will be loath to let him go in so short a
time as that. Here is the note for De Coude. Hasten!"

Paulvitch lost no time in reaching the German minister's. At the door
he handed the note to a footman. "This is for the Count de Coude. It
is very urgent. You must see that it is placed in his hands at once,"
and he dropped a piece of silver into the willing hand of the servant.
Then he returned to his quarters.

A moment later De Coude was apologizing to his host as he tore open the
envelope. What he read left his face white and his hand trembling.


One who wishes to save the honor of your name takes this means to warn
you that the

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