The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 25

impossible to place any other construction upon her acts.
Rokoff must have known that I frequently passed through the Rue Maule.
He lay in wait for me--his entire scheme worked out to the last detail,
even to the woman's story in case a hitch should occur in the program
such as really did happen. It is all perfectly plain to me."

"Well," said D'Arnot, "among other things, it has taught you what I
have been unable to impress upon you--that the Rue Maule is a good
place to avoid after dark."

"On the contrary," replied Tarzan, with a smile, "it has convinced me
that it is the one worth-while street in all Paris. Never again shall
I miss an opportunity to traverse it, for it has given me the first
real entertainment I have had since I left Africa."

"It may give you more than you will relish even without another visit,"
said D'Arnot. "You are not through with the police yet, remember. I
know the Paris police well enough to assure you that they will not soon
forget what you did to them. Sooner or later they will get you, my
dear Tarzan, and then they will lock the wild man of the woods up
behind iron bars. How will you like that?"

"They will never lock Tarzan of the Apes behind iron bars," replied he,

There was something in the man's voice as he said it that caused
D'Arnot to look up sharply at his friend. What he saw in the set jaw
and the cold, gray eyes made the young Frenchman very apprehensive for
this great child, who could recognize no law mightier than his own
mighty physical prowess. He saw that something must be done to set
Tarzan right with the police before another encounter was possible.

"You have much to learn, Tarzan," he said gravely. "The law of man
must be respected, whether you relish it or no. Nothing but trouble
can come to you and your friends should you persist in defying the
police. I can explain it to them once for you, and that I shall do
this very day, but hereafter you must obey the law. If its
representatives say 'Come,' you must come; if they say 'Go,' you must
go. Now we shall go to my great friend in the department and fix up
this matter of the Rue Maule. Come!"

Together they entered the office of the police official a half hour
later. He was very cordial. He

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