The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 210

looked down upon. There were French officers and sailors, two English
lords, Americans, and a score of savage African braves.

Following the funeral Tarzan asked Captain Dufranne to delay the
sailing of the cruiser a couple of days while he went inland a few
miles to fetch his "belongings," and the officer gladly granted the

Late the next afternoon Tarzan and his Waziri returned with the first
load of "belongings," and when the party saw the ancient ingots of
virgin gold they swarmed upon the ape-man with a thousand questions;
but he was smilingly obdurate to their appeals--he declined to give
them the slightest clew as to the source of his immense treasure.
"There are a thousand that I left behind," he explained, "for every one
that I brought away, and when these are spent I may wish to return for

The next day he returned to camp with the balance of his ingots, and
when they were stored on board the cruiser Captain Dufranne said he
felt like the commander of an old-time Spanish galleon returning from
the treasure cities of the Aztecs. "I don't know what minute my crew
will cut my throat, and take over the ship," he added.

The next morning, as they were preparing to embark upon the cruiser,
Tarzan ventured a suggestion to Jane Porter.

"Wild beasts are supposed to be devoid of sentiment," he said, "but
nevertheless I should like to be married in the cabin where I was born,
beside the graves of my mother and my father, and surrounded by the
savage jungle that always has been my home."

"Would it be quite regular, dear?" she asked. "For if it would I know
of no other place in which I should rather be married to my forest god
than beneath the shade of his primeval forest."

And when they spoke of it to the others they were assured that it would
be quite regular, and a most splendid termination of a remarkable
romance. So the entire party assembled within the little cabin and
about the door to witness the second ceremony that Professor Porter was
to solemnize within three days.

D'Arnot was to be best man, and Hazel Strong bridesmaid, until
Tennington upset all the arrangements by another of his marvelous

"If Mrs. Strong is agreeable," he said, taking the bridesmaid's hand in
his, "Hazel and I think it would be ripping to make it a double

The next day they sailed, and as the cruiser steamed slowly out to sea
a tall man, immaculate in white flannel, and a graceful girl leaned

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