The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 206

ago." He fumbled in the pocket of the ulster beneath him for
something that he had discovered there while he lay between the
paroxysms of fever. Presently he found it--a crumpled bit of yellow
paper. He handed it to the girl, and as she took it his arm fell
limply across his chest, his head dropped back, and with a little gasp
he stiffened and was still. Then Tarzan of the Apes drew a fold of the
ulster across the upturned face.

For a moment they remained kneeling there, the girl's lips moving in
silent prayer, and as they rose and stood on either side of the now
peaceful form, tears came to the ape-man's eyes, for through the
anguish that his own heart had suffered he had learned compassion for
the suffering of others.

Through her own tears the girl read the message upon the bit of faded
yellow paper, and as she read her eyes went very wide. Twice she read
those startling words before she could fully comprehend their meaning.

Finger prints prove you Greystoke. Congratulations.


She handed the paper to Tarzan. "And he has known it all this time,"
she said, "and did not tell you?"

"I knew it first, Jane," replied the man. "I did not know that he knew
it at all. I must have dropped this message that night in the waiting
room. It was there that I received it."

"And afterward you told us that your mother was a she-ape, and that you
had never known your father?" she asked incredulously.

"The title and the estates meant nothing to me without you, dear," he
replied. "And if I had taken them away from him I should have been
robbing the woman I love--don't you understand, Jane?" It was as
though he attempted to excuse a fault.

She extended her arms toward him across the body of the dead man, and
took his hands in hers.

"And I would have thrown away a love like that!" she said.

Chapter 26

The Passing of the Ape-Man

The next morning they set out upon the short journey to Tarzan's cabin.
Four Waziri bore the body of the dead Englishman. It had been the
ape-man's suggestion that Clayton be buried beside the former Lord
Greystoke near the edge of the jungle

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