The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 142

Tarzan of the Apes came into a real kingship among men--slowly
but surely was he following the evolution of his ancestors, for had he
not started at the very bottom?

Chapter 18

The Lottery of Death

Jane Porter had been the first of those in the lifeboat to awaken the
morning after the wreck of the LADY ALICE. The other members of the
party were asleep upon the thwarts or huddled in cramped positions in
the bottom of the boat.

When the girl realized that they had become separated from the other
boats she was filled with alarm. The sense of utter loneliness and
helplessness which the vast expanse of deserted ocean aroused in her
was so depressing that, from the first, contemplation of the future
held not the slightest ray of promise for her. She was confident that
they were lost--lost beyond possibility of succor.

Presently Clayton awoke. It was several minutes before he could gather
his senses sufficiently to realize where he was, or recall the disaster
of the previous night. Finally his bewildered eyes fell upon the girl.

"Jane!" he cried. "Thank God that we are together!"

"Look," said the girl dully, indicating the horizon with an apathetic
gesture. "We are all alone."

Clayton scanned the water in every direction.

"Where can they be?" he cried. "They cannot have gone down, for there
has been no sea, and they were afloat after the yacht sank--I saw them

He awoke the other members of the party, and explained their plight.

"It is just as well that the boats are scattered, sir," said one of the
sailors. "They are all provisioned, so that they do not need each
other on that score, and should a storm blow up they could be of no
service to one another even if they were together, but scattered about
the ocean there is a much better chance that one at least will be
picked up, and then a search will be at once started for the others.
Were we together there would be but one chance of rescue, where now
there may be four."

They saw the wisdom of his philosophy, and were cheered by it, but
their joy was short-lived, for when it was decided that they should row
steadily toward the east and the continent, it was discovered that the
sailors who had been at the only two oars with which the boat had been
provided had fallen asleep at their work, and allowed both to slip into
the sea, nor were they in sight anywhere upon the water.

During the

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