The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 135

moan, and as the
raiders looked up in the direction from which the sound seemed to come,
the ape-man, who stood swinging the dead body of the sentry gently to
and fro, suddenly shot the corpse far out above their heads.

With howls of alarm the throng broke in all directions to escape this
new and terrible creature who seemed to be springing upon them. To
their fear-distorted imaginations the body of the sentry, falling with
wide-sprawled arms and legs, assumed the likeness of a great beast of
prey. In their anxiety to escape, many of the blacks scaled the
palisade, while others tore down the bars from the gates and rushed
madly across the clearing toward the jungle.

For a time no one turned back toward the thing that had frightened
them, but Tarzan knew that they would in a moment, and when they
discovered that it was but the dead body of their sentry, while they
would doubtless be still further terrified, he had a rather definite
idea as to what they would do, and so he faded silently away toward the
south, taking the moonlit upper terrace back toward the camp of the

Presently one of the Arabs turned and saw that the thing that had
leaped from the tree upon them lay still and quiet where it had fallen
in the center of the village street. Cautiously he crept back toward
it until he saw that it was but a man. A moment later he was beside
the figure, and in another had recognized it as the corpse of the
Manyuema who had stood on guard at the village gate.

His companions rapidly gathered around at his call, and after a
moment's excited conversation they did precisely what Tarzan had
reasoned they would. Raising their guns to their shoulders, they
poured volley after volley into the tree from which the corpse had been
thrown--had Tarzan remained there he would have been riddled by a
hundred bullets.

When the Arabs and Manyuema discovered that the only marks of violence
upon the body of their dead comrade were giant finger prints upon his
swollen throat they were again thrown into deeper apprehension and
despair. That they were not even safe within a palisaded village at
night came as a distinct shock to them. That an enemy could enter into
the midst of their camp and kill their sentry with bare hands seemed
outside the bounds of reason, and so the superstitious Manyuema
commenced to attribute their ill luck to supernatural causes; nor were
the Arabs able to offer

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