The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 12

door, speaking in a low whisper to the woman, whom Tarzan
could not see. Then Tarzan heard the woman's voice, level, but loud
enough to distinguish her words.

"No, Nikolas," she was saying, "it is useless. Threaten as you will, I
shall never accede to your demands. Leave the room, please; you have
no right here. You promised not to enter."

"Very well, Olga, I shall not enter; but before I am done with you, you
shall wish a thousand times that you had done at once the favor I have
asked. In the end I shall win anyway, so you might as well save
trouble and time for me, and disgrace for yourself and your--"

"Never, Nikolas!" interrupted the woman, and then Tarzan saw Rokoff
turn and nod to Paulvitch, who sprang quickly toward the doorway of the
cabin, rushing in past Rokoff, who held the door open for him. Then
the latter stepped quickly out. The door closed. Tarzan heard the
click of the lock as Paulvitch turned it from the inside. Rokoff
remained standing before the door, with head bent, as though to catch
the words of the two within. A nasty smile curled his bearded lip.

Tarzan could hear the woman's voice commanding the fellow to leave her
cabin. "I shall send for my husband," she cried. "He will show you no

Paulvitch's sneering laugh came through the polished panels.

"The purser will fetch your husband, madame," said the man. "In fact,
that officer has already been notified that you are entertaining a man
other than your husband behind the locked door of your cabin."

"Bah!" cried the woman. "My husband will know!"

"Most assuredly your husband will know, but the purser will not; nor
will the newspaper men who shall in some mysterious way hear of it on
our landing. But they will think it a fine story, and so will all your
friends when they read of it at breakfast on--let me see, this is
Tuesday--yes, when they read of it at breakfast next Friday morning.
Nor will it detract from the interest they will all feel when they
learn that the man whom madame entertained is a Russian servant--her
brother's valet, to be quite exact."

"Alexis Paulvitch," came the woman's voice, cold and fearless, "you are
a coward, and when I whisper a certain name in your ear you will think
better of your demands upon me and your threats against me, and then
you will leave my cabin quickly, nor do I

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