The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 104

will of Lord Tennington by many little
acts of hospitality.

Monsieur Thuran had heard dropped a hint of something which might
result from this unexpected visit of Lord Tennington's yacht, and he
wanted to be counted in on it. Once when he was alone with the
Englishman he took occasion to make it quite plain that his engagement
to Miss Strong was to be announced immediately upon their return to
America. "But not a word of it, my dear Tennington--not a word of it."

"Certainly, I quite understand, my dear fellow," Tennington had
replied. "But you are to be congratulated--ripping girl, don't you

The next day it came. Mrs. Strong, Hazel, and Monsieur Thuran were
Lord Tennington's guests aboard his yacht. Mrs. Strong had been
telling them how much she had enjoyed her visit at Cape Town, and that
she regretted that a letter just received from her attorneys in
Baltimore had necessitated her cutting her visit shorter than they had

"When do you sail?" asked Tennington.

"The first of the week, I think," she replied. "Indeed?" exclaimed
Monsieur Thuran. "I am very fortunate. I, too, have found that I must
return at once, and now I shall have the honor of accompanying and
serving you."

"That is nice of you, Monsieur Thuran," replied Mrs. Strong. "I am
sure that we shall be glad to place ourselves under your protection."
But in the bottom of her heart was the wish that they might escape him.
Why, she could not have told.

"By Jove!" ejaculated Lord Tennington, a moment later. "Bully idea, by

"Yes, Tennington, of course," ventured Clayton; "it must be a bully
idea if you had it, but what the deuce is it? Goin' to steam to China
via the south pole?"

"Oh, I say now, Clayton," returned Tennington, "you needn't be so rough
on a fellow just because you didn't happen to suggest this trip
yourself--you've acted a regular bounder ever since we sailed.

"No, sir," he continued, "it's a bully idea, and you'll all say so.
It's to take Mrs. Strong and Miss Strong, and Thuran, too, if he'll
come, as far as England with us on the yacht. Now, isn't that a

"Forgive me, Tenny, old boy," cried Clayton. "It certainly IS a
corking idea--I never should have suspected you of it. You're quite
sure it's original, are you?"

"And we'll sail the first of the week, or any other time that suits
your convenience, Mrs. Strong," concluded the big-hearted Englishman,
as though the thing were all arranged except the sailing

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