The Return of Tarzan

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 102

for St. Petersburg.

But now another idea had obtruded itself, and was rapidly crowding his
original intentions into the background. That American fortune was not
to be sneezed at, nor was its possessor a whit less attractive.

"SAPRISTI! but she would cause a sensation in St. Petersburg." And he
would, too, with the assistance of her inheritance.

After Monsieur Thuran had squandered a few million dollars, he
discovered that the vocation was so entirely to his liking that he
would continue on down to Cape Town, where he suddenly decided that he
had pressing engagements that might detain him there for some time.

Miss Strong had told him that she and her mother were to visit the
latter's brother there--they had not decided upon the duration of their
stay, and it would probably run into months.

She was delighted when she found that Monsieur Thuran was to be there

"I hope that we shall be able to continue our acquaintance," she said.
"You must call upon mamma and me as soon as we are settled."

Monsieur Thuran was delighted at the prospect, and lost no time in
saying so. Mrs. Strong was not quite so favorably impressed by him as
her daughter.

"I do not know why I should distrust him," she said to Hazel one day as
they were discussing him. "He seems a perfect gentleman in every
respect, but sometimes there is something about his eyes--a fleeting
expression which I cannot describe, but which when I see it gives me a
very uncanny feeling."

The girl laughed. "You are a silly dear, mamma," she said.

"I suppose so, but I am sorry that we have not poor Mr. Caldwell for
company instead."

"And I, too," replied her daughter.

Monsieur Thuran became a frequent visitor at the home of Hazel Strong's
uncle in Cape Town. His attentions were very marked, but they were so
punctiliously arranged to meet the girl's every wish that she came to
depend upon him more and more. Did she or her mother or a cousin
require an escort--was there a little friendly service to be rendered,
the genial and ubiquitous Monsieur Thuran was always available. Her
uncle and his family grew to like him for his unfailing courtesy and
willingness to be of service. Monsieur Thuran was becoming
indispensable. At length, feeling the moment propitious, he proposed.
Miss Strong was startled. She did not know what to say.

"I had never thought that you cared for me in any such way," she told
him. "I have looked upon you always as

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