The Outlaw of Torn

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 150

of clarity:

"chid" to "chide" "sword play" to "swordplay" "subtile" to "subtle"

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Page 6
As they drew up beside the ledge upon which Thurid awaited them, he in the bow of the boat arose to step ashore, and then I saw that it was none other than Matai Shang, Father of Therns.
Page 8
By chance, after her death, I came upon an ancient plan of the temple, and there I found, plainly writ, the most minute directions for reaching the cells at any time.
Page 21
I drew Woola out of harm's way, and then began a careful survey of as much of the Chamber of Reptiles as I could see from where I stood.
Page 22
Into this minute aperture I attempted to peer, but whether it was but a fraction of an inch deep or passed completely through the door I could not tell--at least no light showed beyond it.
Page 25
But a short distance from the circular chamber we came suddenly into a brilliantly lighted labyrinth of crystal glass partitioned passages.
Page 53
The Holy Thern nodded his head.
Page 57
" "Three women came with the Father of Therns," replied Kulan Tith.
Page 62
The sooner we start, the better, for I see no other way, and it will take us more than a month to travel the weary, frigid miles that lie before us.
Page 63
Shortly after this we came upon the hugest apt that we had seen.
Page 70
I did not know the significance of his act, but judged that it was but a form of expressing his gratitude to me.
Page 99
What was I to do? Which way should I turn? I was nonplused.
Page 109
achieve when pitted against such a wizard of the blade as Solan.
Page 111
I had intended waiting until some circumstance should give me a reasonable hope of success; for, even though the entire ceremony should be completed, there could be no valid marriage while I lived.
Page 113
Without another glance toward me, who had stood a spectator of the tragic scene, the nobles wheeled and fled from the apartment through another exit.
Page 114
"For the Prince of Helium!" and, like hungry lions upon their prey, they fell once more upon the weakening warriors of the north.
Page 118
To be thus blocked by nature, who had had all the arts and wiles of cunning man pitted against him, seemed a cruel fate, and as I staggered back into the warmth of the tunnel's end I was as near hopelessness as I ever have been.
Page 122
I cast a last look upon my beloved princess, smiling, as men should who are about to die.
Page 129
Nor did any of us who had been upon that expedition of indescribable danger and glory lack for plaudits.
Page 130
"Most righteous judges," he exclaimed, "you have heard recited all that is known of John Carter, Prince of Helium--the good with the bad.
Page 131
as a brother.