The Oakdale Affair

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 99

he ain't
98 7 1 Squibbs place Squibbs' place
98 8 2 you aint you ain't
107 4 3 wont tell won't tell
113 3 5 its measles it's measles
113 3 6 cough aint cough ain't
113 3 6 its 'it,' it's 'it,'
113 4 1 I aint I ain't
114 2 6 Squibb's place Squibbs' place
114 2 13 simply wont simply won't
116 6 3 few minutes few minutes'
116 7 5 Squibb's farm Squibbs' farm
121 4 she wont she won't

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Text Comparison with The Oakdale Affair

Page 13
Upon my word, I don't know what would become of this place if it wasn't for me.
Page 14
Never had Oakdale experienced a plethora of home-grown thrills; but it came as near to it that morning, doubtless, as it ever had or ever will.
Page 16
There were others charitable enough to assume that Abigail had been kidnapped by the same men who had murdered Paynter and wrought the other lesser deeds of crime in peaceful Oakdale.
Page 18
Recollection of the screaming man sinking to the earthen floor of the hay barn haunted him.
Page 22
"And it's a bad bunch, too," he continued.
Page 24
His eyes were wide and, even in death, terror filled, his features were distorted with fear and horror.
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"Be careful!" he cried.
Page 36
" "Cheese it," The General advised his companion; and the two removed themselves to the opposite side of the apartment, where they whispered, grumblingly, to one another.
Page 51
Abbie Prim's disappeared and Jonas Prim's house was robbed jest about the same time Ol' man Baggs 'uz murdered, er most murdered--chances is he's dead by this time anyhow.
Page 53
" "Who's Burton?" demanded the youth.
Page 56
"He come to our house an' bought some vittles an' stuff.
Page 58
"Don't punish your son, Mrs.
Page 63
He know; he tell me.
Page 66
" It was Giova speaking in the masterful voice of one who has perfect confidence in his own powers.
Page 73
The watcher saw his quarry set down his burden, seat himself beside it and proceed to roll a cigaret; then he faded away in the darkness and Bridge was alone.
Page 76
Clutched tightly in Willie's hand was thirty five cents and his check with a like amount written upon it.
Page 78
They were electrical.
Page 83
"I have killed no one," said he.
Page 86
Paynter's body out of the machine, for it was quite evident that he was dead.
Page 98
to nothin'.