The Oakdale Affair

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 98

91 2 "They aint "They ain't
91 3 I aint I ain't
91 2 3 Squibbs house Squibbs' house
91 6 aint got ain't got
92 6 it wa'nt safe it wa'n't safe
92 4 10 Squibbs house Squibbs' house
94 2 1 to nothin. to nothin'.
94 8 1 Squibbs place," Squibbs' place,"
97 4 2 "We aint "We ain't
98 1 8 Squibbs place Squibbs' place
98 3 1 hiself de hisself de
98 5 4 he aint

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Text Comparison with Warlord of Mars

Page 1
Once again I refused a throne, for I would not believe that the mighty Tardos Mors, or his no less redoubtable son, was dead.
Page 2
Like many of his fellows, he had apparently accepted the new order of things with good grace, and had sworn fealty to Xodar, his new ruler; but I knew that he hated me, and I was sure that in his heart he envied and hated Xodar, so I had kept a watch upon his comings and goings, to the end that of late I had become convinced that he was occupied with some manner of intrigue.
Page 7
Nor had I long to wait.
Page 9
If he should lead Matai Shang to that hallowed spot, then, too, should he lead John Carter, Prince of Helium.
Page 14
Against what, pray, should we guard this long-forgotten, abysmal path? It was but a ruse to divide our numbers.
Page 33
The slopes of Otz and the distant Valley of Lost Souls held nothing to compel my interest then; but, towering far above me, the tower's carved wall riveted my keenest attention.
Page 35
He was not ten paces from me, facing in the opposite direction; and what cruel freak of fate should have caused him to turn about just as my eyes topped the roof's edge I may not even guess.
Page 39
easy to see why the Kaolians needed no navy; their cities, hidden in the midst of this towering forest, must be entirely invisible from above, nor could a landing be made by any but the smallest fliers, and then only with the greatest risk of accident.
Page 60
They, he said, had always been known to the Holy Therns and were devout and faithful followers of the ancient cult.
Page 67
We were at last forced to the belief that he would not sleep while the other occupants of the lair slept, and so cast about in our minds for some scheme whereby we might trick him.
Page 77
I afterward learned that the shaft rests directly over the magnetic pole of Mars, but whether this adds in any way to its incalculable power of attraction I do not know.
Page 93
Courage! That was the word the yellow guardsman had whispered in my ear as I stood upon the verge of the Pit of Plenty.
Page 99
So I chose the central opening, and passed on into its gloomy depths with a prayer upon my lips.
Page 103
"To the upper chambers! There you may defend the tower against all Kadabra.
Page 113
Without another glance toward me, who had stood a spectator of the tragic scene, the nobles wheeled and fled from the apartment through another exit.
Page 116
No question entered my mind but that here lay the opening of the avenue of escape which Thurid had followed, and had there been it would have been dissipated by the sight of a tiny, jeweled ornament which lay a few steps within the corridor beyond.
Page 117
It did not take me long to start upon that unknown way, nor did I go with caution, although I knew that there might be grave dangers before me.
Page 123
Her engine would not start.
Page 125
At last their leader turned to me.
Page 126
Thuvia's first act was to rush to the side of Dejah Thoris, and I needed no better proof of the love these two bore for each other than the sincerity with which they embraced.