The Oakdale Affair

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 97

78 2 1 Squibbs place!" Squibbs' place!"
80 6 4 Squibbs gateway Squibbs' gateway
84 6 1 Squibb's summer Squibbs' summer
85 6 1 thet aint thet ain't
85 7 5 on em on 'em
85 8 1 An' thet aint An' thet ain't
85 10 1 But thet aint But thet ain't
85 10 3 of em of 'em
85 10 3 of em of 'em
86 2 2 there aint there ain't
87 5 others' mask other's mask
88 6 1 Squibbs woods Squibbs' woods

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Text Comparison with Tarzan the Terrible

Page 17
And when at last they stood upon comparatively level ground again Om-at turned and looked at them both intently and especially at Tarzan of the Apes.
Page 39
Once again she caught sight of the pursued--three Waz-don warriors clambering the cliff face at a point where portions of the summit had fallen away presenting a steep slope that might be ascended by such as these.
Page 46
Once more Pan-at-lee's trail ended at the verge of a cliff; but this time there was no indication that she had leaped over the edge and a moment's search revealed to Tarzan the stone pegs upon which she had made her descent.
Page 47
And then she screamed and tried to fight the thing from her; but her scream was answered by a low growl and another hairy hand seized her by the hair of the head.
Page 60
"Fortunate are my Om-at and his Pan-at-lee in owning such a friend.
Page 75
Precede me and I will show you to where Ko-tan, the king, awaits you, trembling.
Page 78
Furthermore it is not meet that you stand upon a higher level than the son of your god.
Page 84
The ape-man did not recall ever having seen this Waz-don before and he was at a loss to account for an explanation of the fellow's interest in him, and presently the incident was all but forgotten.
Page 95
" "The word of a slave against that of a god!" cried Ja-don, who had shown previously a friendly interest in the pseudo godling.
Page 99
A careful search of the temple grounds revealed no trace of the quarry.
Page 114
"Princess! Princess!" she beseeched, "do not discover him to his enemies.
Page 143
Find me pistols and a rifle and ammunition and we will pretend that we go into the jungle to hunt.
Page 146
With careful eye she scrutinized the ground below and with attentive ear she listened for any warning sound that might suggest the near presence of enemies, either man or beast.
Page 164
Certainly you would not have sought the meeting any more than I.
Page 168
It was a beautiful picture upon which he looked--a picture of peace and harmony and quiet.
Page 194
These guards, however, were small, consisting usually of not more than five or six warriors, one of whom remained awake while the others slept.
Page 195
The bare feet of the intruders gave forth no sound as they crossed the stone floor toward her.
Page 207
"I am the Great God," cried the German, "thus falleth the divine wrath upon all my enemies!" He looked up at the sun and then raised the knife high above his head.
Page 211
Glossary From conversations with Lord Greystoke and from his notes, there have been gleaned a number of interesting items relative to the language and customs of the inhabitants of Pal-ul-don that are not brought out in the.
Page 215