The Oakdale Affair

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 95

6 emminent eminent
15 4 2 it's warmth its warmth
15 5 13 promisculously promiscuously
16 1 3 appelation appellation
19 3 it's scope its scope
21 6 by with seasons by seasons
25 1 8 Prim manage Prim menage
25 2 20 then, suspicious, then, suspicions,
28 12 even his even this
34 6 1 it's quality its quality
37 3 10 have any- have any
38 4 4 tin tear. tin ear.
39 2 6 Squibbs farm

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Text Comparison with The Mad King

Page 4
There was barely room between the horse and the edge of the road for the four wheels of the roadster, and Barney must be very careful not to.
Page 36
Dawn found him still upon his way, but with the determination fully crystallized to hail the first man he met and ask the way to Tann.
Page 38
Even the cat-like movement of their silent mounts breathed a sinister secrecy, and now, for the first time, Barney noticed the short, ugly looking carbines that were slung in boots at their saddle-horns.
Page 75
Mounted messengers galloped hither and thither through the steep, winding streets.
Page 77
As many more of.
Page 86
He said that you had better be the one to do it, since it was your carelessness that permitted the fellow to escape from Blentz.
Page 93
"Butzow," he cried, "bring the fellow back; he shall be taught a lesson in the deference that is due kings.
Page 116
When he was done Barney found himself in the front rank of the little, hopeless band.
Page 121
Toward dawn, at the darkest period of the night, Barney saw lights ahead of him.
Page 128
Do you call that loyalty? Do you call it loyalty to refuse to compel your daughter to keep her plighted troth? If you wish to prove your loyalty command the Princess Emma to fulfil the promise you made my father--command her to wed me at once.
Page 130
No man in Lutha believes that he would permit you to have any intercourse with Peter.
Page 131
Following his interview with the Serbian minister Von der Tann rode toward Blentz with only his staff in attendance.
Page 150
Why should respectable folk want to go elsewhere than to the public inn? And if you are afraid to go there you must have very good reasons for not wanting to be seen, and--" he stopped short as though assailed by an idea.
Page 154
shooting over our heads purposely.
Page 158
" They formed something else, too--three words which he was sure he could not have mistaken, and then they parted, he for the death chamber and she for what fate she could but guess.
Page 159
One may forget much in two years; but that he was at work upon the right panel Barney was positive.
Page 188
He heard the voices of the sentries in the barbican as they conversed with the newcomers.
Page 192
He only closed his eyes wearily.
Page 194
"That is easy," said the king.
Page 210
more--men had lost their heads for tampering with the affairs of kings.