The Mucker

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 74

heads cut off," cried Red Sanders. "We
found the bunch that got Miller, Swenson, and the girl. They'd killed
'em all and was eatin' of 'em when we jumps 'em. Before we knew wot had
happened about a thousand more of the devils came runnin' up. They
got us separated, and when we seen Theriere and Byrne kilt we jest
natch'rally beat it. Gawd, but it was orful."

"Do you think they will follow you?" asked Divine.

At the suggestion every head turned toward the trail down which the
two panic-stricken men had just come. At the same moment a hoarse shout
arose from the cove below and the five looked down to see a scene of
wild activity upon the beach. The defection of Theriere's party had
been discovered, as well as the absence of the girl and the theft of the

Skipper Simms was dancing about like a madman. His bellowed oaths rolled
up the cliffs like thunder. Presently Ward caught a glimpse of the men
at the top of the cliff above him.

"There they are!" he cried.

Skipper Simms looked up.

"The swabs!" he shrieked. "A-stealin' of our grub, an' abductin' of that
there pore girl. The swabs! Lemme to 'em, I say; jest lemme to 'em."

"We'd all better go to 'em," said Ward. "We've got a fight on here sure.
Gather up some rocks, men, an' come along. Skipper, you're too fat to do
any fightin' on that there hillside, so you better stay here an' let
one o' the men take your gun," for Ward knew so well the mettle of his
superior that he much preferred his absence to his presence in the face
of real fighting, and with the gun in the hands of a braver man it would
be vastly more effective.

Ward himself was no lover of a fight, but he saw now that starvation
might stare them in the face with their food gone, and everything be
lost with the loss of the girl. For food and money a much more cowardly
man than Bender Ward would fight to the death.

Up the face of the cliff they hurried, expecting momentarily to be
either challenged or fired upon by those above them. Divine and his
party looked down with mixed emotions upon those who were ascending in
so threatening a manner. They found themselves truly between the devil
and the deep sea.

Ward and his men were halfway up the cliff, yet Divine had made no move
to repel them. He glanced timorously toward the dark forest behind from
which he momentarily expected to see

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