The Mucker

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 64

others have gone for the supplies now and as soon as
they return we shall commence the ascent of the cliffs. If you have any
further preparations to make, Barbara, please make haste,
as we must get away from here as quickly as possible. Should any of
Simms' people awaken there is sure to be a fight."

The girl turned back into the shelter to gather together a handful of
wraps that had been saved from the wreck.

Down by the salvage Theriere, Byrne, Bony Sawyer, Red Sanders, Blanco,
and Wison were selecting the goods that they wished to carry with them.
It was found that two trips would be necessary to carry off the bulk of
the rations, so Theriere sent the mucker to summon Miller and Swenson.

"We'll carry all that eight of us can to the top of the cliffs," he said
"hide it there and then come back for the balance. We may be able to get
it later if we are unable to make two trips to the camp tonight."

While they were waiting for Byrne to return with the two recruits one
of the sleepers in Simms' camp stirred. Instantly the five marauders
dropped stealthily to the ground behind the boxes and casks. Only
Theriere kept his eyes above the level of the top of their shelter that
he might watch the movements of the enemy.

The figure sat up and looked about. It was Ward. Slowly he arose and
approached the pile of salvage. Theriere drew his revolver, holding
it in readiness for an emergency. Should the first mate look in the
direction of Barbara Harding's shelter he must certainly see the four
figures waiting there in the moonlight. Theriere turned his own head in
the direction of the shelter that he might see how plainly the men there
were visible. To his delight he saw that no one was in sight. Either
they had seen Ward, or for the sake of greater safety from detection had
moved to the opposite side of the shelter.

Ward was quite close to the boxes upon the other side of which crouched
the night raiders. Theriere's finger found the trigger of his revolver.
He was convinced that the mate had been disturbed by the movement in
camp and was investigating. The Frenchman knew that the search would
not end upon the opposite side of the salvage--in a moment Ward would
be upon them. He was sorry--not for Ward, but because he had planned to
carry the work out quietly and he hated to have to muss things up with

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