The Mucker

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 279

my clothes somewheres that gives all the dope."

He drew some papers from his coat pocket and handed one to Billy.

"Turn your back and hold up your hands while I read," said Byrne, and as
Flannagan did as he was bid Billy unfolded the soiled bit of newspaper
and read that which set him a-trembling with nervous excitement.

A moment later Detective Sergeant Flannagan ventured a rearward glance
to note how Byrne was receiving the joyful tidings which the newspaper
article contained.

"Well, I'll be!" ejaculated the sleuth, for Billy Byrne was already
a hundred yards away and breaking all records in his dash for the
sitting-room he had quitted but a few minutes before.

It was a happy and contented trio who took the train the following day
on their way back to New York City after bidding Bridge good-bye in the
improvised hospital and exacting his promise that he would visit them in
New York in the near future.

It was a month later; spring was filling the southland with new, sweet
life. The joy of living was reflected in the song of birds and the
opening of buds. Beside a slow-moving stream a man squatted before a
tiny fire. A battered tin can, half filled with water stood close to the
burning embers. Upon a sharpened stick the man roasted a bit of meat,
and as he watched it curling at the edges as the flame licked it he
spoke aloud though there was none to hear:

Just for a con I'd like to know (yes, he crossed over long ago;
And he was right, believe me, bo!) if somewhere in the South,
Down where the clouds lie on the sea, he found his sweet Penelope
With buds of roses in her hair and kisses on her mouth.

"Which is what they will be singing about me one of these days," he

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