The Mucker

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 235

gettin' out of the little bedroom in back there except through this
room. The windows are too small fer a big man to get through. I'll tell
you what, we'll lock him up in there an' then you won't hev to worry
none an' neither will we. You can jest spread out them Navajos there and
go to sleep right plump ag'in the door, an' there won't nobody hev to
relieve you all night."

"Sure," said Eddie, "leave it to me--I'll watch the slicker."

Satisfied that their prisoner was safe for the night the Villistas and
Grayson departed, after seeing him safely locked in the back room.

At the mention by the foreman of his guard's names--Eddie and
Shorter--Billy had studied the face of the young American cowpuncher,
for the two names had aroused within his memory a tantalizing suggestion
that they should be very familiar. Yet he could connect them in no way
with anyone he had known in the past and he was quite sure that he never
before had set eyes upon this man.

Sitting in the dark with nothing to occupy him Billy let his mind dwell
upon the identity of his jailer, until, as may have happened to you,
nothing in the whole world seemed equally as important as the solution
of the mystery. Even his impending fate faded into nothingness by
comparison with the momentous question as to where he had heard the name
Eddie Shorter before.

As he sat puzzling his brain over the inconsequential matter something
stirred upon the floor close to his feet, and presently he jerked back a
booted foot that a rat had commenced to gnaw upon.

"Helluva place to stick a guy," mused Billy, "in wit a bunch o'
man-eatin' rats. Hey!" and he turned his face toward the door. "You,
Eddie! Come here!"

Eddie approached the door and listened.

"Wot do you want?" he asked. "None o' your funny business, you know. I'm
from Shawnee, Kansas, I am, an' they don't come no slicker from nowhere
on earth. You can't fool me."

Shawnee, Kansas! Eddie Shorter! The whole puzzle was cleared in Billy's
mind in an instant.

"So you're Eddie Shorter of Shawnee, Kansas, are you?" called Billy.
"Well I know your maw, Eddie, an' ef I had such a maw as you got I
wouldn't be down here wastin' my time workin' alongside a lot of Dagos;
but that ain't what I started out to say, which was that I want a
light in here. The damned rats are tryin' to chaw off me kicks an' when
they're done wit them they'll climb up

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