The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 94

Horn taught
us well. So I believe that it would be better were we to keep forever
from the sight of men. I do not much like the thought of living with
these strange, hairy monsters, but we might find a place here in the
jungle where we could live alone and in peace."

"I do not want to live alone," cried Number Three. "I want a mate, and
I see a beautiful one yonder now. I am going after her," and with that
he again started toward a female ourang outang; but the lady bared her
fangs and retreated before his advance.

"Even the beasts will have none of us," cried Number Ten angrily. "Let
us take them by force then," and he started after Number Three.

"Come back!" shouted Bulan, leaping after the two deserters.

As he raised his voice there came an answering cry from a little
distance ahead--a cry for help, and it was in the agonized tones of a
woman's voice.

"I am coming!" shouted Bulan, and without another glance at his
mutinous crew he sprang through the line of menacing ourang outangs.



On the morning that Bulan set out with his three monsters from the
deserted long-house in which they had spent the night, Professor
Maxon's party was speeding up the river, constantly buoyed with hope by
the repeated reports of natives that the white girl had been seen
passing in a war prahu.

In translating this information to Professor Maxon, von Horn habitually
made it appear that the girl was in the hands of Number Thirteen, or
Bulan, as they had now come to call him owing to the natives' constant
use of that name in speaking of the strange, and formidable white giant
who had invaded their land.

At the last long-house below the gorge, the head of which had witnessed
Virginia Maxon's escape from the clutches of Ninaka and Barunda, the
searching party was forced to stop owing to a sudden attack of fever
which had prostrated the professor. Here they found a woman who had a
strange tale to relate of a remarkable sight she had witnessed that
very morning.

It seemed that she had been straining tapioca in a little stream which
flowed out of the jungle at the rear of the long-house when her
attention was attracted by the crashing of an animal through the bushes
a few yards above her. As she looked she saw a huge MIAS PAPPAN cross
the stream, bearing in his arms the dead, or unconscious form of a
white-skinned girl with golden hair.


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