The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 81

said significantly. Barunda smiled.

"And the girl?" he continued. "And the treasure?"

Ninaka's eyes narrowed. "They are safe," he answered.

"The white man wants the girl," remarked Barunda. "He does not suspect
that you are one of Muda Saffir's people. If he guessed that you knew
the whereabouts of the girl he would torture the truth from you and
then kill you. He does not care for the treasure. There is enough in
that great chest for two, Ninaka. Let us be friends. Together we can
divide it; otherwise neither of us will get any of it. What do you
say, Ninaka?"

The panglima scowled. He did not relish the idea of sharing his prize,
but he was shrewd enough to realize that Barunda possessed the power to
rob him of it all, so at last he acquiesced, though with poor grace.

Bulan had stood near during this conversation, unable, of course, to
understand a single word of the native tongue.

"What does the man say?" he asked Barunda. "Has he seen anything of
the prahu bearing the girl?"

"Yes," replied the Dyak. "He says that two hours ago such a war prahu
passed on its way up river--he saw the white girl plainly. Also he
knows whither they are bound, and how, by crossing through the jungle
on foot, you may intercept them at their next stop."

Bulan, suspecting no treachery, was all anxiety to be off at once.
Barunda suggested that in case of some possible emergency causing the
quarry to return down the river it would be well to have a force remain
at the long-house to intercept them. He volunteered to undertake the
command of this party. Ninaka, he said, would furnish guides to escort
Bulan and his men through the jungle to the point at which they might
expect to find Muda Saffir.

And so, with the girl he sought lying within fifty feet of him, Bulan
started off through the jungle with two of Ninaka's Dyaks as
guides--guides who had been well instructed by their panglima as to
their duties. Twisting and turning through the dense maze of
underbrush and close-growing, lofty trees the little party of eight
plunged farther and farther into the bewildering labyrinth.

For hours the tiresome march was continued, until at last the guides
halted, apparently to consult each other as to the proper direction.
By signs they made known to Bulan that they did not agree upon the
right course to pursue from there on, and that they had

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