The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 71

the lascar came from his hiding place, and dancing up and down
upon the shore screamed warlike challenges and taunts at the retreating

Von Horn also came forth, much to the sailor's surprise, and in silence
the two stood watching the disappearing ship. At length they turned
and made their way up the stream toward camp--there was no longer aught
to fear there. Von Horn wondered if the creatures he had loosed upon
Professor Maxon had done their work before they left, or if they had
all turned to mush as had Number Thirteen.

Once at the encampment his questions were answered, for he saw a light
in the bungalow, and as he mounted the steps there were Sing and
Professor Maxon just coming from the living room.

"Von Horn!" exclaimed the professor. "You, then, are not dead; but
where is Virginia? Tell me that she is safe."

"She has been carried away," was the startling answer. "Your creatures,
under the thing you wished to marry her to, have taken her to Borneo
with a band of Malay and Dyak pirates. I was alone and could do
nothing to prevent them."

"God!" moaned the old man. "Why did I not kill the thing when it stood
within my power to do so. Only last night he was here beside me, and
now it is too late."

"I warned you," said von Horn, coldly.

"I was mad," retorted the professor. "Could you not see that I was
mad? Oh, why did you not stop me? You were sane enough. You at least
might have forced me to abandon the insane obsession which has
overpowered my reason for all these terrible months. I am sane now,
but it is too late--too late."

"Both you and your daughter could only have interpreted any such action
on my part as instigated by self-interest, for you both knew that I
wanted to make her my wife," replied the other. "My hands were tied.
I am sorry now that I did not act, but you can readily see the position
in which I was placed."

"Can nothing be done to get her back?" cried the father. "There must
be some way to save her. Do it von Horn, and not only is my daughter
yours but my wealth as well--every thing that I possess shall be yours
if you will but save her from those frightful creatures."

"The Ithaca is gone, too," replied the doctor. "There is only a small
boat that I hid in

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