The Monster Men

By Edgar Rice Burroughs

Page 53

lascars and Dyaks. Then he saw Sing and the young man lift
Professor Maxon tenderly in their arms and bear him to his own room.

A sudden wave of jealous rage swept through the man's vicious brain.
He saw that the soulless thing within was endowed with a kindlier and
more noble nature than he himself possessed. He had planted the seed
of hatred and revenge within his untutored heart without avail, for he
read in the dead bodies of Bududreen's men and the two Dyaks the story
of Number Thirteen's defense of the man von Horn had hoped he would

Von Horn was quite sure now that Virginia Maxon was not within the
campong. Either she had become confused and lost in the jungle after
she left him, or had fallen into the hands of the wild horde that had
attacked the camp. Convinced of this, there was no obstacle to thwart
the sudden plan which entered his malign brain. With a single act he
could rid himself of the man whom he had come to look upon as a rival,
whose physical beauty aroused his envy and jealousy; he could remove,
in the person of Professor Maxon, the parental obstacle which might
either prevent his obtaining the girl, or make serious trouble for him
in case he took her by force, and at the same time he could transfer to
the girl's possession the fortune which was now her father's--and he
could accomplish it all without tainting his own hands with the blood
of his victims.

As the full possibilities of his devilish scheme unfolded before his
mind's eye a grim smile curled his straight, thin lips at the thought
of the fate which it entailed for the creator of the hideous monsters
of the court of mystery.

As he turned away from the bungalow his eye fell upon the trembling
lascar who had accompanied him to the edge of the verandah. He must be
rid of the fellow in some way--no eye must see him perpetrate the deed
he had in mind. A solution quickly occurred to him.

"Hasten to the harbor," he said to the man in a low voice, "and tell
those on board the ship that I shall join them presently. Have all in
readiness to sail. I wish to fetch some of my belongings--all within
the bungalow are dead."

No command could have better suited the sailor. Without a word he
turned and fled toward the jungle. Von Horn walked quickly to the
workshop. The door

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